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The Rules of Customer Engagement is Changing.

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

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No matter what industry sector we work in, we all work hard every week to innovate, preform better than yesterday and deliver on our goals & aspirations.

We at Gazelle Communications had to work harder, faster and more efficiently to deliver on our goals last year. This hard work paid off where we witnessed a bumper year in 2019. We won a record number of new campaigns by developing low-cost effective websites that allowed our client's potential customers to now interact with them online. New, easy-to-use services are now becoming more popular such as Live Chat, Buy Online, 'Click, Buy and Collect' and Book a Table are all available today via our WIX Websites interactive mobile and desktop websites.

Small businesses from plumbers to podiatrists are now asking Gazelle Communications to set them up with websites that organise their calendars by taking customer bookings online 24/7. The success of new, online customer engagement services proves we need to move with the times, if your website doesn't fully engage with your potential customer then you're probably missing a trick and LOSING SALES.

A website is no longer a shop window for your business, it can work smarter for you in many more ways than you think. If your business isn't interacting with your customer-base online, call Gazelle Communications Websites today. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss our customer engagement options - no obligation. Call us today on 07799 797672.

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