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Slemish Farm Cottage pick Gazelle Communications

At the foot of Mount Slemish in County Antrim sits a premium, 4 star, self-catering guest house with what has got to be one of the most spectacular views from any accommodation in Northern Ireland. From the moment you pull up to Slemish Farm Cottage any problems you had seem like a distant memory, this here is where you come to relax. The first sound you hear is a babbling brook and the possible sound of a sheep calling its lamb in the distance.

Slemish Farm Cottage contacted Gazelle Communications and asked us to help design a new website that would allow potential guests to interact with them in real-time. We met over coffee, discussed options and work closely to deliver exactly what they wanted. Today, potential guests can check availability online, chat with Slemish Farm Cottage live online thanks to our new mobile app feature, check the real-time weather at Slemish before they leave as well as scroll though their photograph gallery and subscribe to their news page.

Check out Slemish Farm Cottage's new website at -

Gazelle Communications work with individual business's to tailor-make and design websites to fit their business needs.

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