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Gazelle Communications appointed WIX Arena Expert

Globally recognised and innovated website platform host, WIX has awarded Gazelle Communications (NI) 'Arena Expert' status. This means sole traders and small to medium sized business from across the UK and Ireland can trust Gazelle to create, design and launch a new, vibrant website that has the flexibility to work for them with the comfort in knowing it won't break the marketing budget.

Gazelle's Campaign Director Rodney Kernohan stated, "Since WIX appointed Gazelle Communications an 'Arena Expert' partner, we have successfully signed contracts with an interesting mix of business sectors to include Manufacturing, Hospitality and Professional Legal Services". Rodney went onto say, "As the importance of instant, disposable online marketing campaigning ramps-up, its evermore important that we work hand-in glove with our clients to ensure every opportunity is maximised to raise brand or product awareness across all platforms".

For more information on what Gazelle Communications can do for your business, call us on : 028 2586 1113 or 07799 797672

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